Lundi 25 février 2008 à 23:01

 "If you're busy, delete it very fast ^^

All right, I think I'm just getting mad.
Or I though that I was just getting mad yesterday night but at the time you will be reading that I really don't know what I will be thinking. Anyway ! I wrote a text  and after I realised that it doesn't mean anything. Or something very strange. Hum.
Ok. I'm thinking about your face right now and you are looking: “uhhh?”
If you find after that I'm just really getting mad, call someone to put me somewhere with white wallpapers and white clothes, and white i-don't-know-what.
But don't be scared ;)

He could spend night on his work, and holidays didn't prevent him from it.
Questions, arguments, everything was good to help his project succeed. Nothing seems could make him change his mind.
And, because he knew himself, because he knew the human nature and he knew that he couldn't stand this rate during two months, he had planed to go to the beach few days with his brother and some friends, just for fun. It was like a recreation, but a necessary recreation.
The other week that he had to spend far from his working tools, he had planed to write, photograph, draw, and prepare the screen of his project and to write the letters which were appropriate, at the beach, at the museums… In facts he didn't care about that.
Really, everything was perfectly planed.
But he didn't expect his brother to want make some sport outside the night they were arriving.
He didn't guess too that his parents would have liked to go out both. And so, he didn't have the choice any more: he had to go to the sports plate with his brother and play; he had to forget his view for a little time.
Shit, no work for an evening. A trouble. He hated troubles.
As the story is starting to go out of his control, it will be the case. There was a girl in this strange starless night. And that's why things become different.
His funny week became a long and boring week, although he has still friends: he missed her.
One month after this evening, this evening which had changed everything, he would surprise himself to stop his work. Because he knows him, because he knows the human nature, he sees he is falling in love.
Stopping to work for speak. Talk with her.

 And now things are different, more difficult. And now she is waiting. Just because there is no true, nowhere, and it's petrifying her."

Ce mail n'a jamais eu de réponse. Et heureusement.

Par Ladypirate le Jeudi 28 février 2008 à 12:49
Je m'en souviens de ce mail.. Faudrait ptete creer une troisieme salle, quelque chose de mieux que la torture ou l'oublie ?
Par No.Pain le Jeudi 28 février 2008 à 16:34
C'est quelqu'un qui te l'a écrit ?
Je reçois ça dans ma boite, moi, je bave sur mon écran. (L)
Par online70 le Dimanche 5 décembre 2021 à 14:53
Par kievmassages le Mercredi 5 juillet 2023 à 8:40
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